Monday, February 06, 2012

More handsome dog photos

What a great little stretch of sunshine we've had!  Apart from drying out my lawn, the sun makes photographing my dogs a lot more fun.


Did I mention it's impossible to get a bad photo of this dog?


Just a picture-perfect day :-)


Jenny Glen said...

RUN, SHEEP! RUN! Rex-granson-of-Kelly is after you!!!

Kristi said...

What did we say the optimum percentage of Kelly was? 1/16, maybe?

Just finished watching the 2nd penning video. Lou was tilting his head back and forth in a very appealing manner. Rex heard Scott's voice and bailed off the couch to lie by the door, hoping that the Big Man might miraculously appear and choose him to move some sheep. :-)

Jenny Glen said...

I'm thinking that if you have 9999.99 of anything other than Kelly, you might survive.

Kristi said...

LOL! Well, Kelly may have stamped her descendants with the crazy, but she also passed on her huge heart, her courage, and her enormous try. I just wish Rex would dial it down sometime. Seriously dude, lighten up! :-)