Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stirling Acres Sheep Dog Trial

We spent the weekend attending Lee Lumb's excellent Stirling Acres Sheep Dog Trial. This is my favourite trial, as I made my trial debut at the inaugural trial in 2006. Seems like quite a long time ago that I found myself standing at the post, staring in awe at my dog pounding up the field. Actually, I still find myself staring in dumb admiration at Lou. :-)

Speaking of trial debuts, shout out to Rex who, under Lee's expert guidance, won all three Nursery trials! Yay, baby dog! Not yet two, and already a champ!

Fetching like a seasoned pro:

The hardware:

While I had nothing to do with his success, I am more than happy to pose with the winner!

But my heart belongs to this guy:

I wasn't much of a handler for him this weekend:

Poor guy was knackered at the end.

Shout-out to Kyu!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Big Field

Pam May has sourced a wonderful big field where the dogs can stretch their legs and work on some longer things. On the corner of 192nd and 16th in Langley, it's a little piece of paradise on a busy bit of road. It's not unusual for cars to pull over to watch as the dogs move the sheep around the field.

Oh yeah, apparently there are wee little frogs. I've never seen one.

Hello, Jana

And Jayne

Riel, you're such a poser:


Hail, Caesar!

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