Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stirling Acres Sheep Dog Trial

Mac and a lamb, discussing the origins of dog food:

Keen-Eye Kane, on his fetch:

Carl and Fan at the post:

And Fan on her fetch:

Corey and Ben at the post:

Gail and Meg:

Robbie pens:

And now for a little bit of shedding.

Keen-Eye Tye sheds off two on Saturday:

Jen and Josie in the shedding ring:

Jamie and Lou:

Lorne and Cassie set up for their shed:

Monday, April 03, 2006

Photos from the Feelgood Dog Sports Trial

All photos taken by Infinite Exposures.

Bear's running A-Frame:

Big fluffy weaves:

Happiness that the weaving is over!

Wick spots her tunnel:

A perfect dogwalk ending:

Wick is chased by the tunnel!

Slamming on the brakes to make that entrance

Wick's motivational poster: