Friday, July 24, 2009

On the River Sheep Dog Trial, Acme, WA

Went across the border for Dirk and Sonja's On the River SDT, run exclusively on their gorgeous Scotties. The weather was dreamily cool, the handler's supper delish, and when the sun finally came out, we took the dogs down to the eponymous river. Well, we almost lost Bear, but thanks to chivalrous BF, Bear was retrieved and escorted to safety.

Lou has run on these sheep a few times now, and he loves them/they love him. The love affair continued this weekend. Except for some dodgy flanking here and there, I was pretty pleased with him.

I love going to the post with him. Talk about a feeling of calm.

Not a bad fetch, and a nice turn around the post:

After a pretty good drive and quick shed, all we had to do was time out at the pen, and we'd be in the double-lift final. Alas, I managed to lose sheep that were *in*the*mouth*of*the*pen! Le sigh.

Candy Kennedy didn't lose her sheep.

Jeff and Cap are very expressive shedders:

Brace, as demonstrated by Cap and Nissan:

And to prove the trial was on the river!

Then we dried off in a large field of clover and bees:

Amos says thanks for coming. Now get out!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

PAC - July 2009

Oh that's right, Wick doesn't do sheep, she does doggy obstacle coursing. So contrary to popular belief, she does actually trial in local trials - I don't just dust her off for Regionals. For example, we went to PAC's July trial outdoors at High Run. Great people, great lunch, and spectacular weather. Makes me wonder why I don't do it more!

Oh hai, Raya. You still iz the most aweome weaver:

And tire-go-though'er:

Get the earplugs, here comes aussie nation!

Purple frame, purple frame. I only want to see you laughing in the purple frame.

Little Flip, who almost makes me want a JRT:

Shout out to the veterans! Hello Teddy!

And Hurley:

Lou says it's ok for Wick to get a competition weekend every now and then.

As long as he gets to play tag with her between runs:

Thanks PAC! See you soon!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Canada Day at the Park

Just a few of my dogs at our park.

Wick displaying her awesomeness:

Hello, Mr. Muffin:

The many ears of Lou: