Friday, February 17, 2012

Wicked bad handling

My trusty partner, Wick, and I had some fun runs last weekend, but man, was my handling bad! In gamblers, I sent her over the jump in a way that made getting the dogwalk near-impossible (and I got to hear her scream about it for a full 24 seconds). Then in Steeplechase, I added a tunnel to the course, just because I thought the run was going too well. Finally in Jumpers, I omitted a jump (perhaps to make up for the added tunnel in Steeplechase?). I scratched her from Standard because I wanted to eat lunch. Her Snooker was lovely, but of course, I don't have that on tape.

Still, there is no dog I'd rather run. She is fun in a loud, fast little black and white body. I can't believe she's 11 (or maybe older - who knows). Run Wick run!


Mara said...

I love watching a senior have!!

Kristi said...

The dog enjoyed herself too LOL!