Sunday, March 22, 2009

March madness!

It's sunny! Second day of spring! And the lambs are starting to drop!

What's cuter than new lambs? How about 5 week old puppies! In a basket!

Maybe we can do better than that, even. What if we add a lamb?

Rain says "Hey, you're squishing me!"

Get out of my basket!

You're kind of cute:

Let's be BFFs:

Speaking of new friends, Lexy, meet Cousin Lou:

That's not a nice thing to do to your cousin!

Rain looking stalky:

Lexy says that she can look stalky too!

Britt isn't so much stalky as spotty.

Lexy and Louise have a moment:

Sam meets Louise, with Lou overseeing the whole gong show, I mean, meeting:

Britt isn't sure about this weird-looking puppy

Lou is the designated babysitter:

Making sure things don't get out of control

Sam and Britt try to entice Louise to play with them:

Louise complains bitterly to Lou about the puppies:

Louise and Lou bonding:


Is it just me or does it look like Lexy is weaving, and single-striding at that!

Awww. Lexy, you are very cute:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rex at 22 months

I also got a chance to take young Rexy for a test drive. Lee has done an absolutely wonderful job with the little guy. He's got his flanks down, and he's fully on whistles. Just need some of the snow to melt so that he can stretch out his driving.

In this video, Lee is doing the steering, and I am doing the filming (and giggling). He works much nicer for her than me!

Rex - 22 months old from Kristi Oikawa on Vimeo.

Photos from Coldstream

The gang went up to Coldstream for a clinic with Lee Lumb. Well, Lou was in the clinic. Bear and Wick once again spent the weekend holding down the van. :-)

Go Bear go!


How weird. Wick is digging.

Why does Wick always look like she just ordered a hit?

Ohmmmmmm ... Lou ponders the meaning of life:

Lou is a dork.

There are no words to caption this one.

Even guardian dogs need to nap.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Now with eyes!

The pups are 17 days old in these photos. Eyes are open, and ears are starting to flick around too!

Note: I can't tell Sam and Rain apart in pics, so I likely am getting their pics all muddled up. Apologies to Sam and Rain.




Britt and Lexy

Sam and Britt:

The photoshoot ends when the pups go back to sleep: