Monday, August 08, 2011

The Road to Western Canadians

As part of Lou's rigourous prep for Western Canadians at the end of the month, we've signed up for three agility trials ... wait, what??  Lou says if anything goes sideways in Cranbrook, please note that while his peers were going to trials and working tough range ewes, he was here:

This was a nice local trial and we only competed on Sunday.  I just wanted to get Rex out of Starters Jumpers and maybe pick up another Standard.  Um ... fail!  In fact, Rex went 0/4.  Still, he did some nice things, and I am really happy with his contacts.  Each trial, though, he is getting louder and faster.  The latter is good, the former is driving me nuts.  For the umpteenth time, I will declare:  I should do something about the barking.

And then there's the Wickens.  She had 5 very nice runs, though she only Q'ed in 1.  In each of the others, she had one mistake.  Still, she's running really well and is obviously getting my hopes up for next year.  If things continue this way, Wick will get better and better until about 2 weeks before Nationals, at which time she will develop a crippling phobia of either the teeter or the dogwalk (or maybe both - yay!!).  Ah Wick, how you test me.  In anticipation of this, I have bought her a Thundershirt and several gallons of Rescue Remedy.

So while she's running well, let's throw the video superstition out the window and show some of her runs, and Rex's too.

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