Monday, August 22, 2011

A Bronze Weekend

We went into PAC needing 2 gambles to complete Wick's ATChC.  We left PAC needing ... two gambles.  Drats!  I am starting to wonder if she might be approaching a record in terms of 'longest to ATChC'.  In fairness, she barely trialed the last 4 years but still!  Oh well, we'll just keep plugging away.

She did finish her Bronze Snooker and Bronze Steeplechase titles so that's ... something.  She also seems to have lost her contacts.  If you've seen them, please drop me a line.  We'll need them by the Spring please.

Rex was very enthusiastic.  I guess my thoughtful, quiet dog is gone forever.  He did some nice things this weekend, including a 90 degree turn off the dogwalk over a jump.  He also tried to take me out at the knees a few times, and seems to think the teeter is some sort of dock-diving prop.  So ... yeah.

Our friend, Nicki, stayed the weekend.  She brought the two shelties, Ninja and Ice, and Lou's nephew, FedX.

For the weekend, anyway, the border collie totem pole was 4 high.  :-)

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