Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who trained this animal?

We survived another agility trial, though Lou says the boredom made him want to throw himself in front of a bus.  Luckily, he is too lazy to walk all the way down to the busy road.

Wick continued to show that she is the undisputed Top Agility Dog in Collie Nation.  She smoked all 3 of her Standard runs and had a very fast Steeplechase too.  Her first Jumpers was a little messy but she Q'ed it.  Her second Jumpers was GORGEOUS but we had a run-by at the second-last obstacle.  The gamble wasn't to be ... still need two more.  As usual, no video of Wick's awesomeness because of my deep-rooted superstitions, but trust me, she was fab.

And then there's Rex.  My thoughtful, careful agility dog has become a screaming, bouncing big ol' mess!  Seriously, who trained this dog?  Despite the chaos, he managed to Q four of his classes, so he is now in Advanced Gamblers and Snooker, and he finally got a Starters Jumpers Q.  His first Standard run was his nicest of the trial, even though he jumped off the table.  Oh, and he finally missed a dogwalk!  This was probably the 12th dogwalk he's done in a trial, so it was about time he missed one.  Was starting to think the running contact thing was too easy.  Here's a video of some of his runs.

And in an "awwww" moment, Rex now has his own AAC Trial Results page.  All together now ... "awwwwww".  :-)

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