Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Live like you were dying

For the fourth year in a row, I made the trek to the Calgary Stampede.  There was a field trial immediately prior, so of course I had to go to that too.  I'd heard so much about the mosquito situation that I'd spent the couple days prior to departure clearing the stores of the various skeeter repellents.  These things were awesome:

As I keep reminding myself, I won't have Lou to run forever.  With this in mind, then, I went to the post each time with joy and pride in my trusty partner.  Unfortunately for him, HIS partner didn't hold up her end at the pen.  But the beauty of being a dog is that you don't dwell on things.  You go out, move the sheep, sometimes you put them in the pen, sometimes you don't, and generally someone buys you fries.  Lou knows the drill.

Here's a little video slideshow of our trip to Alberta.  Live like you were dying!

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Sarah said...

great video!!