Saturday, June 25, 2011

Whidbey Island Sheep Dog Trial

We travelled to Susan Crocker's gorgeous property on Whidbey Island for a sheep dog trial.  We found a fantastic little cabin for rent, with a stunning view of the ocean:
If you are looking for a nice weekend retreat, check them out!

Aside from a stunning view, there were these cute little things on the lawn:

The trial field, while gorgeous, is not conducive to great sheep-and-dog photos so instead, here are some random ear photos.

Wick's awesome airplane ears.  

Lou tries uppy-ears on for size:

Oh ... Rex ...

But the best ears belonged to the donkeys.

Nomnomnomnomnom ...

So that's about it.  Lou had some very odd outruns, and his Sunday lift was, er, backwards.  On the bright side, he had two lovely fetches, so we will dismiss the outruns as just a mere blip and we will not at all entertain the thought that, at 9, he has entered the crazy years.  :-)

Lou says he's not crazy, he just wanted to try something different.  

And now if you don't mind, he's tired and would like to nap.

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