Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not a very good blogger

Well, I guess I'm not too good at this blogging thing.  And by not good, I mean I suck.  But I'm going to try a little harder, and will even venture to say that I will post at least once a week.  Ish.

The sheepdoggery has been going well.  Lou and Rex competed at Lee's Stirling Acres trial.  Rex was very naughty his first PN run (resulting in me running up the field, screaming thinly veiled threats).

His second run was better, and but for a bit of craziness at the beginning of the cross-drive, I was pretty happy.  Rex was happy he got to pen.  The sheep were happy that Rex didn't turn into a wolf.  A whole lotta #winning all around.

Oh, and Rex's momma and brother were at the trial.  Brother Nic had a spectacular run in Open 1, with a 92.  Momma Trax won Open 2, with an impeccable run.  Rex is clearly the underachiever in the family. :-)

Lou was lovely, as only Lou can be.  Neither run placed, but he gave me his all.  At 9, I am afraid that his days of charging up hills to bring me a sheep may be numbered.  Yet he still had a beautiful gather, even if he had to slow to a trot a few times to catch his breath!  It's ok, Lou, you're still the king!

Wick says she's really glad that we missed the agility regionals so that the boy dogs could run up a field to get sheep.  Yup, super use of the weekend.  Judging by the number of rodent-like things that Wick dispatched at Coldstream Ranch, I'd say she was in a bad mood.  Maybe 'cause she read this sign.

This weekend, we're off to the Whidby Island SDT.  Only running King Lou because I don't want to stay over for Monday, when PN runs.  The field for this trial is spectacular, and we're staying at a B&B that also looks very nice.  So if nothing else, it should be pretty!


Laura Carson said...

Oh yay! You're blogging! I love it. :) Sometimes I totally suck at keeping up. You just do what you can and try not to worry about the rest. Those pictures ROCK.

Laura Carson said...

let me amend that to say that I suxxors that I didn't find you before now. I love your crew, and your cool sense of humor.

Hollen Farm said...

I suck at keeping up my blog too, but we still love ya!

Kristi said...

Thanks Laura! And Holly, we love your blog (although the Lynnie entry makes me cry).