Friday, September 25, 2015

USBCHA Finals - Day 5

Today, the action was limited to 42 dogs on the big field.  It was semi-finals day, and at the end of this, the 17 dogs running in the finals would be known.  Some dogs have been relegated to begging for attention.

Please take us to the sneeps. Pleasepleaseplease!
I have resisted for 4 days, but today, I couldn't help it.  I busted out the selfie stick.  Yes.  It happened.  Victims were numerous.  Luckily, I have an accomplice, and he loves the selfie as much as I do.

Derek and me.  We love us the stick.

Others were astounded and horrified at the appearance of a telescoping phone holder.

"You're doing WHAT?"

I don't even know what it's called when your selfie is photobombed.
Selfie plus photobomber
The paparazzi were all over the appearance of the selfie stick.  

Some folks were awfully good sports about posing for the stick

These are my people, this is my tribe.
The kids humoured us elders and posed.  I'm sure she is rolling her eyeballs when recounting the story to her more-cool-than-me friends.

Me and Katy
Even the sheep heard that there was a selfie stick in the tent.  This gal literally ran into the tent to get in on the fun.
Lana, Bridget and Mich jump right into action.

Oh yeah, the dog trial.  The course had a time of 15 minutes, and you needed all of it.  The shed was any two unmarked and the single had to be a collared sheep.  Dogs early in the day had trouble with the outrun.  There were several crosses, and some dogs got lost at the take pens and had to RT.  As the day wore on, the dogs were running out better, but the wind picked up, affecting some dogs on the fetch.  The sheep were remarkably even and responded well to a dog who applied just enough pressure to keep them trotting along.  Pens weren't easy and required patience and teamwork.  It was great to watch! Elizabeth Baker and Ross won the day with a beautiful run.  

My friend and coach, Lee Lumb, is in her first Finals double lift with her gorgeous young dog, Gus.  My partner in shenanigans, Louanne, is also in with her prodigy-artist, Gus Twa.  I think I need to get a dog named Gus!  Here is the run order for tomorrow.  Good luck to everyone!

1. Elizabeth Baker and Ross
2. Derek Fisher and Nell
3. Amanda Milliken and Howell
4. Libby Nieder and Derby
5. Scott Glen and Don
6.Ron Enzeroth and Mick
7. Louanne Twa and Gus
8. Tommy Wilson and Kate
9. Bill Berhow and Cley
10. Norm Close and Craig
11. Fernando Alves and Lexi
12. Lee Lumb and Gus
13. Ellen Skillings and Jill
14. Amanda Milliken and Monty
15. Lasoya Lerma and Beau
16. Bev Lambert and Nan
17. Faansie Basson and Molly

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