Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Western Canadians, Okotoks, AB

Went to Alberta at the end of August to run in the CBCA/Western Canadians. What the slash? Well, the CBCA Championships generally are held in conjunction with a large trial in the east one year, and the Western Canadians the following year. You pay two entry fees and run once. Win! Wait. Maybe not so much a win. Ahem.

Anyway, we made good time, even with the little detours we took in the interest of stopping to smell the roses.

I think this is near Salmon Arm:

And this is the last spike, where one part of the railroad did something with another. I think. I dunno, read the sign. It's on there.

Somewhere in Banff:

And then we made it! Bar Pipe Farms! Wide open spaces! Vast sky! Gopher holes!!!

Cause you KNOW there has to be a "Wick digs while Lou makes weird faces in the background" pics:

Wick, what did you do with the gopher?

Bear. Le sigh. I love this dog. He had no idea where he was, or why, but he puttered around like a trooper, rolling in every bit of dry cow pat he could find.

El Magnifico chilling:

Our agility friend, Matt, came to watch and brought his crew. Rocky and Bear bonded over the "have to live with border collies" thing.

Jennifer got to take home her little pup, Mitch.

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