Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Trial pics, Western Canadians

OK, enough with the frou-frou pics. Here are the dogs who represented! Woot!

Hello, Rexy. Well done on your 4th place finish at WC!

And Mazel Tov to your brother, Nic, for finishing up Reserve:

Congrats to Scott and Don, the CBCA Nursery champs:

And to Peter Gonnet and Taff, the WC Nursery champs:

This is one of Beverly Lambert's dogs.

Stormy and Roy with one of the few pens:

Holly's Mirk:

Jennifer's Spot:

Norm and Jock in the double-lift finals:

Vickie and Gale in the finals:

Amanda and Clive in the finals:

Ian and Gyp:

Bev and Mirk:

Peter and Jill:

Dennis and Jan:

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