Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life is a highway - part 2

On the Sunday, the World Stock Dog Championship started.  I suppose it's worldly in that there were both Canadians and Americans competing.  Anywho ...  Lou was up first for me.  He had a good go, and then, as in previous years, I sucked at the pen.  Watch, wince, do not do what I do!

Rex was wild!  I mucked up the top end and had to give him some very fast flanks to make the obstacles.  By the time we turned the post, he was pretty jazzed.  Then he ate one, and I plucked the fleece out of his mouth (to the delight of the crowd) and we did the walk of shame out of there.

On the second day, Rex went first, and he ate one again, though not as dramatically.  That dog definitely needs more time on sheep than the 10-20 minutes a month that he typically gets.  Too much agility, not enough sheep ... DQ.  We'll be ready next year - promise!

Lou had a more difficult set than on Sunday, and they did lots of stomping and stalling.  However, he got them going and then there we were at the pen again.  I tried not to be as much a spazz as on Sunday, but I don't know that I was successful.  One ran in the pen, and then another, and I really thought the third one was going to run from the far end of the arena into the pen.  She didn't ... jerk.  Still, two in the pen is (sadly) a career high for me.   Maybe next year, I'll actually close the pen?

For another year, then, we were spectators for the finals.  Before it started we watched some Stampede events like Cowboy Up.

And of course, how can you not watch Team Penning?

Then it was time for the finals!  Louanne Twa was up second, and she and Meg lay down a smoker!  She was the leader until that darn Dale Montgomery ran.  For the 7th time, he won the $10,000 first prize.  Louanne and Meg were reserve, and she also won the stock trailer - yay!  The princesses were very happy with the result.

And thus ended another great road trip.  Good times, good dogs, and good friends.  Yeah, we'll do it again next year.  :-)

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