Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two good dogs

Well, Collie Nation has returned from the BCYR 2012 Agility Regionals with some very good news - they both qualified!  This is Wick's 5th or 6th time qualifying, and I fully expected her to make it (though after Sunday's performance, I was a bit worried!), but Rex, who has only be trialing for a year, and who may not know all of the equipment yet - I was absolutely thrilled that he pulled one off.

In addition to qualifying, each of the dogs earned an individual placement in Jumpers.  Wick came 2nd in Jumpers 1, and Rex, the dog who often forgets how to do a tunnel, came 4th out of 68 22" dogs in Jumpers 2.

We've about 50 days before Nationals, and there's a lot we need to practice.  But before that, there's the matter of a few sheepdog trials, including the Calgary Stampede.  Wick gets to sit those out, but Lou and Rex, get ready to switch gears - set focus on sheep.

Here are a couple videos from the weekend.  Turn down the volume, my dogs are LOUD!




manymuddypaws said...


Your dogs are awesome (even if Rex can only do some tunnels, sometimes. I understand that Tunnels are hard.)

And yay for SHeep. ;)

Alice Singer said...

Big congratulations to both of them :)