Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - Back to School edition

1. What is the biggest thing that grossed you out over the past week?
Let's see, living a fairly sheltered life, I am not exposed to much grossness.  I guess the dead chicken that I stumbled upon when I went to let the hens out of my friend's chicken house would be it.  And even then, it wasn't super-gross.  Just ... kinda gross.

2. What do you feed your dogs?
They eat a prepared raw food from Happy Dogs Raw .  It comes in frozen, 125gr squares.  Lou and Wick get 2 squares a meal, Rex gets 3.  When we're on the road, they eat Go! Grain Free.  They also get salmon oil, a joint supplement, and whatever I don't eat.

3. If you could move anywhere where would you live?
Right here!  It's perfect.  I'm thinking about getting a cabin on the Sunshine Coast, which is a whopping 40 minute ferry ride away.  That way, I won't be too far from home.  Wanderlust, that ain't me.

4. What is the funniest thought that occurred to you (or thing that happened to you) this week?
My friend and I were getting pedicures at lunch the other day at a place neither of us had been.  They sit you in these great massaging chairs.  Well, we dip our feet in the tub, the chairs start going and the undulating massage motions start in the most SURPRISING way.  It's like a cross between a very slow mechanical bull ride and having your ass massaged like bread dough.  When it started to VIBRATE on top of the bull-riding/dough kneading, we had to turn the chairs off.

5. If you couldn't have your breed of choice what would be next on your list?
I have always coveted little dogs, like IGs and Paps.  I know that my collies would trample anything smaller than a sheltie, though, so I guess that will never happen.  I like shelties too, except for the barking.  But I doubt I'll ever have anything but border collies.  My heart belongs to the tuxedos.

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Laura Carson said...

Dude. Where do I sign up for undulating chair action?