Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Catching up from Calgary

Another very delinquent post! Here are some pics from the Hilltop field trial. How late am I in getting these pics up? Well, I'm getting ready to head back to Calgary for the agility nationals. I will probably post those pictures sometime around December.

If I get packed for Calgary in a timely manner, then I will upload the photos and video from the Calgary Stampede stockdog shootout thingy.


Annual "wide open spaces" shot. Isn't it a purty field?

Not so purty were the Angry Ewes. "We are very angry. And we are going to take it out on your dog".

Louanne, the future is out there. :-)

I call this next series "Ladies Who Shed".





Shout out to Brother Nic!

Lou and I approach the post with some trepidation (and not a few bug bites):

Such ... big ... sheep ... (whimpers)

It was going pretty well until we lost them on the turn from the crossdrive panels.

That ain't right.

My heroes have always been cowboys. :-)

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