Monday, April 19, 2010

Patrick Shanahan Clinic - Coldstream, BC

We spent a great weekend in Coldstream, at a Patrick Shanahan clinic. The weather was fantastic, the field was out of this world, and a good time was had by all. If you have a chance to go to one of Patrick's clinics, I *highly* recommend you go. He has a way of making the things very clear, both to you and the dog, and he's pretty fun to boot.

On the first day and part of the second, we went over double-lifts. Then we each tried it, while the rest judged. It was interesting to see how different people took points for different things! Luckily, everyone was a good sport about it and no blood was shed.

As interesting is double-lifts are to do, they make for very dull photos. So instead, here are the usual "dog staring at stuff" pics.

Lee's Chica

Ruedi's Teak

Jennifer's Max

Ian's Imp Jo Jo

Holly's Rosie

And finally, Susan's puppy, True, who is True-ly lovely.

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Ruedi said...

I agree completely, Kristi! What a fun weekend it was. And thank you for those great pics. I think the one of Teak with the whole group of sheep might be my new favourite!