Thursday, May 21, 2009

BC&Yukon AAC Agility Regional Championships

Campbell River, BC May 15-17, 2009

We went to lovely Campbell River on the Island for Wick's first agility trial of the year! Poor thing hasn't had much (any) practice but she did very well and qualified for Nationals again. This probably will be here last Regionals at 22", and she finished as she started, with no bars down. :-)

We stayed at the Coast, across from the marina and ferry terminal.

Wick and Reveille do their version of driftwood art:

Wick, can you just SIT on a rock?

Reveille looking fluffy:

To make this picture work, we wedged Bear between the rocks. :-)

I really like this one of Carson and Kelsey. Kels is 11 years old now, and still fast as stink.

Speaking of stinking fast, hello, Phoenix!

And big congratulations to our former DAM teammate and all-around cool dog, Xena, who claimed the top of the podium in 16" Specials:

For all the pics from Regionals, you can visit my Flickr page.

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