Sunday, March 22, 2009

March madness!

It's sunny! Second day of spring! And the lambs are starting to drop!

What's cuter than new lambs? How about 5 week old puppies! In a basket!

Maybe we can do better than that, even. What if we add a lamb?

Rain says "Hey, you're squishing me!"

Get out of my basket!

You're kind of cute:

Let's be BFFs:

Speaking of new friends, Lexy, meet Cousin Lou:

That's not a nice thing to do to your cousin!

Rain looking stalky:

Lexy says that she can look stalky too!

Britt isn't so much stalky as spotty.

Lexy and Louise have a moment:

Sam meets Louise, with Lou overseeing the whole gong show, I mean, meeting:

Britt isn't sure about this weird-looking puppy

Lou is the designated babysitter:

Making sure things don't get out of control

Sam and Britt try to entice Louise to play with them:

Louise complains bitterly to Lou about the puppies:

Louise and Lou bonding:


Is it just me or does it look like Lexy is weaving, and single-striding at that!

Awww. Lexy, you are very cute:

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